Monthly Archives: January 2010

Remember when scrapbooking first became really popular?

I do.  I was about 25 years old and a new bride.  You should see how I’ve improved since those first albums (you KNOW what I’m talking about).  They weren’t even kept with the rest of my albums, they’re that EMBARRASSING!  The only problem of having them stored in a separate place is, if there’s ever a house fire, my husband wouldn’t know where to find them so he could throw them out the window to safety.  I can hear myself now, “The old albums honey, GET THE OLD ALBUMS…YOU KNOW, THE ONES I STORE UNDER THE KITCHEN  SINK IN THE BACK BEHIND THE AJAX AND OLD DISH TOWELS!”  But, I recently realized that  there really isn’t anything to be embarrassed about, we all had to start somewhere.  And as corny as those first pages are, they are priceless.  So, I finally came to realize that these albums need to be moved to a place of pride — right next to my daughter’s first year.   Catch a glimpse of my first page EVER, just do me a favor and peek at your own risk.  What does your first page look like?  

Circa 1994