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My Favorite Childhood Shows – Why Can’t They Come Back?

I’m deviating from the subject of scrapbooking today because I recently read a blog post by Jenn from “The Coolest Family on the Block” that inspired me to write this.  I love how witty and fun she is and especially loved the post she published about her fave shows that she’d like to see make a comeback.  I had so much fun reading her blog and remembering all the shows I loved from my childhood, that I wanted to share.  Here they are in no particular order.  Tell me if you remember any of these or what your choices would be!

1. The Partridge Family:

This show was about a widowed mom raising her five talented children, so talented in fact, they formed a band and embarked on a successful music career.  Of course, we were all googly-eyed for Keith (David Cassidy).  I still turn the dial up on the radio and sing along to “I Think I Love You” whenever it is broadcast.  Simple, clean fun — where are those types of shows?  I don’t think they make them anymore and it’s a crying shame.

2. Captain Kangaroo:

What can I say about Captain Kangaroo?  Every time I think of this dear old man, I get a warm fuzzy feeling.  He was my go-to guy when I was having a bad day, well, as bad a day a 7 year-old girl can have.  I loved his cast of characters as well.  My favorite was Mr. Green Jeans.

3. H.R. Pufnstuf:

Jimmy, the main character is tricked into boarding a sailboat by the evil “Witchie Poo” and lost on another land called Living Island.  The characters were predominantly life size puppets, from the trees to the houses.  H.R. Pufnstuf, the character the show is named for, plays the lovable Mayor of the island.  I loved all the trouble Jimmy had to avoid.  Definite “edge of your seat” kind of fun for a 5 year old for sure!

4. School House Rock:

Schoolhouse Rock was not actually a show, but a little clip of an educational cartoon/sing along that was broadcast between shows.  This was the time before commercials were run every 8 minutes.  I learned about adjectives, how a bill becomes a law and  multiplication by watching these film shorts.  I don’t believe they show these on TV anymore but you can purchase a DVD that contain all the episodes.

5. Gilligan’s Island:

Actually in syndication when I became addicted, this tale was about a Captain, his Skipper and 5 passengers that are stranded on a desert island.  Every episode is about this group of 7 trying to concoct ways to get off the island.  Every time the viewer watches, we are all hopeful for a good turnout, but of course there never is one.  Even with the ever thinking Professor.

6. Fat Albert:

This animated show based on a cast of characters from Bill Cosby’s childhood was the cat’s meow!  Great lessons, great stories and great fun was to be had every Saturday morning watching this cartoon.  I’m so sad to think that my daughter was forced to watch shows like Power Puff Girls and Rug Rats.  They just don’t make quality cartoons like this anymore.  In addition to Fat Albert, I loved watching Bugs Bunny, Scooby Doo and Popeye The Sailor Man.

7. Mister Rogers Neighborhood:

“It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood, won’t you be my neighbor?”  I still can remember every word to that theme song.  This show was just good, quality TV — chock full of educational tidbits and so much more.  I love you Mister Rogers!  You will forever be in my heart!

8. Bozo The Clown:

A clown that Ronald McDonald was inspired by, Bozo the Clown was a very popular children’s show and was loved by all.  I absolutely LOVED Bozo but when you look at Youtube videos of the show now, he seems kind of creepy.  Still, I have such great memories of him on our little black and white.

9. Little House On The Prairie:

You just can’t get any better than “The Prairie.”  A wonderful show full of good morals, family values and drama (remember Nellie?).  You can still see this show in syndication.  When I happen upon it, I am immediately drawn in by it’s innocence.  Of course, my 13 year old thinks it’s boring.  She doesn’t know what she’s missing!

10. The Waltons:

This show was something that brought my family together in front of the TV once a week.  Great family values and just good old fashioned goodness.  Goodnight Jim-Bob, Goodnight Mary-Ellen…  Can you remember all the names of the numerous children Ma and Pa Walton had?  Bet ya can’t!

Some of these shows may be caught on Nick-At-Nite or some random cable network, but it would be great if they could be made readily available for our viewing pleasure.  Honestly, nothing compares to these tried and true real honest to goodness great television shows.