Monthly Archives: February 2010

Erase and Replace (Thank you, Jodie)

Erase and Replace, Erase and Replace…where have I heard that before?  Oh, right.  That’s what my sister-in-law says to her young children when they say or do something that they need to rethink.  When I heard her say that to her kids, I thought it was genius!  I liked it so much, I told her I was stealing that phrase for myself.  But seeing that my daughter is 11 going on 18, I kinda got that “what, am I five?” look, so it didn’t last long in my household.  “But,” I thought to myself, “I just can’t waste that brilliant expression.”  When I confronted my husband (who’s pushing 50) with the idea of having another baby, he didn’t think that was a sufficient enough reason.  Can you imagine??? So, back to the drawing board I went and decided that those 3 little words are perfect for the world of scrapbooking!  Why and how, you ask?  Scrapbooking should be easy, that’s what I try to tell my customers all the time.  “Scrap with Ease” – that’s our motto.  But sometimes, we are just not always happy with how a layout has turned out.  Been there, done that.  The thought of ripping everything apart to make your page something you want to look at over and over again seems daunting; after all, it did take you hours to do in the first place!  Just don’t fret over it.  It’s really quite simple.  Remove your photos (Erase), and cover your mistake(s) by sticking down a full sheet of scrapbook paper onto your page (Replace).  Now you have a clean slate.  Use paper that will bring out a prominent color on your photo, add some journaling and move on.  Key words being “Move” and “On”.  Don’t waste another minute trying to make it perfect.  Save it for another time.    Oh, and try “Erase and Replace” on your children…it’s fun!


Take the Guilt out of Scrapbooking (formerly known as “Take the Crap out of Scrap”)

Do you ever wonder why you need to scrap EVERYTHING???  I do, all the time.  It’s this weird thing I have where if I don’t scrap it, I feel completely and utterly guilty!  Let’s say I take a walk and see the cutest little duck in a pond, I take a picture of that cute little duck and feel the need to scrapbook it (sound familiar?).  Why, I ask you, WHY?????  Don’t you think it’s time to take it down a notch?  I do…well, for myself anyway.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to scrap as much as the next guy.  Believe me, it’s a hobby that I am fervently into, so please don’t hate me for going off for a moment (the hormones aren’t helping either).  I’m really just trying to say that it’s ok to downsize, if nothing else but for your sanity.  My advice:  Stick to what you really feel is important and scrap it.  All else goes into a box (make sure it’s acid free and don’t forget to categorize it – you know, under “Fowl, Spring of 2004.”)  And if you have a rainy day, the house is clean, the kids are in school and your scrapbooking is up-to-date, by all means scrapbook the rest.  Take a deep breath.  Isn’t that better now?