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Homemade Gift Bags Using Scrapbook Paper

I got this adorable idea from Christine at I loved it so much, I had to share. Christine has a great blog with wonderfully crafty ideas; pay her a visit when you can. Her blog is chock-full of inspiration!

Christine’s bags are 2” by 5”, but I made this one 2” x 9”. I thought it would be fun to play around with the size a bit (this is a great size for something long – like a necklace in one of those long skinny boxes). This bag is double-layered. The background layer is made with a piece of 12”x12” lightweight scrapbook paper. If you make a double-layer bag, make sure at least one layer is lightweight paper, otherwise it will be hard to work with. I found a great piece of lace cardstock that I had in my supply kit and used it as the overlay.

Below is the back of the bottom layer. Use your ruler and a pencil to measure and draw out the lines (I wrote the measurements in for your benefit only):

  • One 1″ by 11.5″ space across the entire top edge to fold over.
  • Two of the sides are 9″x2″ and the other two sides are 9″x3.75″.
  • The bottom consists of two 2″x3.75″ tabs and two 2″x2″ tabs.

After you have finished penciling in your outline, use your scissors and cut 2 inch lines from the bottom up to the horizontal line so that you have 4 tabs. This will be the bottom of your gift bag. The ½” tab running down the side is what you will use to join the sides of the bag together. I used mounting squares to stick it together, but you can use a tape runner, Elmer’s glue, whatever you have on hand. Cut the paper out where you see the black. Fold the paper down about an inch to give the top edge a crisp look.

After the core of the bag is put together, putting the overlay on is easy because you don’t need to make tabs or a bottom. Just cut it so that it is 9” by 12” and using a tape runner, tape it to the existing bag. I let some of the scroll overhang the top of the bag for a nice effect. Add some holes with a hole punch and thread through some of your favorite ribbon. Don’t forget to fold in the sides to make it look authentic!

Voila! You’ve got yourself a cute little bag that will hold small gift items the next time you are attending a house party or a birthday party. It’s also great to use as a favor bag. Don’t forget the tissue paper! How many different bags can YOU make? I’d love to see them!

Thanks again Christine for sharing this delicious bit of fun!


Halloween Scrapbooking – Using Scraps Part I

Halloween is around the bend, so think about getting your layouts ready! I’ve created a page to share with you that was made using mostly scraps. Everyone has scraps of paper, stickers and embellishments left over that we just don’t want to throw away. Here is how I did mine:

  1. For the title, I found the left-over paper that was cut out from when I made a “Happy Halloween” title using my Silhouette machine. I never threw it away and I’m glad I didn’t! I used a circle punch for the moon and adhered the title to an orange piece of scrap paper I had. If you don’t have a cut-out, just use stickers or draw some letters directly onto the page using a template. Look around where you keep your scraps — I bet you find something you can use!
  2. For the roof, I used extra orange and black scraps of paper and cut out scallops from a scallop template I had. This process looks like it took long to do, but it only consumed about 15 minutes of my time.
  3. Take a piece of gray, brown or tan paper and cut out the shape of a house. Don’t forget to use your ruler so it’s somewhat even.
  4. For the windows, I found a square piece of paper (another scrap) and traced 2 windows on the front of the house. Using my craft knife, I cut along the bottom and top edges of the window and vertically down the middle. I then adhered the “shutters” open and again used leftover black and orange paper for the slats.
  5. Cut open the top and one side of a rectangle shape for the door. I used an old Halloween brad for the door knob, but anything will do. Button, sticker…use your imagination!

Look around in your supplies for accents like a cat, tree, witch on a broom (she would look cute flying across the moon), etc. to dress up your page. Add your photographs in the openings of the door and windows and you’ve got yourself a cute Halloween layout ready to go!