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A Review of the Scotch Advanced Tape Glider

For those of you who don’t peruse my online scrapbooking website on a regular basis (, I feature “Mo’s Weekly Share” every, well…week.  This week’s share is a review of the Scotch Advanced Tape Glider.  I really love this product, as you will be able to see in this silly little video my daughter helped me produce.  I hope you enjoy!  If you don’t, I don’t wanna know.



How To Make a Confetti Pocket For Your Scrapbook Layout

I learned this totally cool trick at the 3-day scrapbook crop I attended a couple of months ago.  I promised I’d share it with you…sorry I’m a little late.

I absolutely LOVE this idea and had a blast making it.  Although it is an easy project, it is a smidge time consuming which kind of goes against what we here at usually promote.  When I say time-consuming, I mean this entire project takes about 15 minutes.  To me, that is a time sucker.  To you, maybe not so much?

Supplies you will need:

  • Paper trimmer and/or scissors
  • Tape Runner
  • Hole Punch
  • Cardstock – 2-5 different colors of your choice
  • Sticker or embellishment for decoration
  • 2″x4″ Keepsake Envelope

First, I would recommend making your confetti.  This is the time consuming part and personally, I like to get it out of the way.  To make the confetti for this project, I used the Martha Stewart Heart Confetti craft punch which makes 7 shapes at once, but any hole punch will work.  Even a plain old hole punch, although it will take you longer because I recommend punching about 50 shapes for your pocket.

Next, you will need a 4×2 inch keepsake envelope.  The one I used came from the 3L SCRAPBOOK ADHESIVES Assorted Keepsake Envelope packet.

Then you need to choose 2 different background colors.  The foreground paper needs to be cut down to about 2” x 4”, just smaller than the envelope.  The background should be slightly larger at about 4 ½ x 2 ½.

Now, just decorate your foreground paper however you want.  I made die cuts using my Cricut machine for this project.

Insert this decorated piece of paper into the pocket followed by the confetti in front of it.   Seal the envelope closed.  If the envelope you are using has adhesive backing like mine, peel off the backing and take a piece of page protector that you have cut down to size and stick it over the sticky part.  Trim any excess.   Adhere the envelope to the slightly larger piece of background paper and you are done!  Easy and fun wrapped up in one, who doesn’t like that???!!!

Use your imagination and use different size envelopes for anything from a day at the beach to your daughter’s birthday party!  Get crazy and make different shaped confetti by using mini paper punches in the shapes of flowers, hearts, etc.

Check out the instructional video I made too:

Thank you, Ann-Marie, for showing this wonderful and fun idea to me and for allowing me to share the love!

A Rant about Why You Should Go To a Scrapbooking Event

My workspace. I know, red wine at a crop is a major faux pas. I just couldn't help myself.

I’ve been a pretty avid, maybe not consistent, but avid scrapbooker for about 18 years.  I have attended an evening or all day crop in these past 18 years here and there.  But believe it or not, I have never attended a real-live-get-in-the-car-stay-in-a-hotel-and-don’t-look-back-for-3 days scrapbooking event.  EVER.  That is, until last weekend.  I felt a little guilty about leaving the family for a fun, drink as much wine as you want, tell dirty jokes till the cows come home and scrapbook to your hearts content type of affair.

Well, let me tell you…not only was it good for the album, but it was good for the soul.  There’s nothing like some good old fashioned girl time, sitting around and doing something that we all have in common.  The ideas, the inspiration, the laughing….were swirling all around the room.  The giveaways, the food, the camaraderie, did I mention the wine?  What was I thinking?  Was it that I didn’t have the opportunity?  Was it the guilt of feeling like I was being selfish?  Probably the latter.  Anyone who knows me knows that I suffer from bouts of guilt and for no real good reason either.  Well, I say screw the guilt’s.  I’m sure I’m one of the rare ones who have never actually attended one of these before.   I should be embarrassed (and I am a little bit).  But I’m here to say to anyone who is like me…get your booty to an all-weekend crop as soon as you can.  Besides the inspiration and relaxation, I got a ton of layouts done.  I’m now closer to being caught up and I’m inspired and motivated to continue with my backlog of scrapbooking and to share with my friends all that I have learned. Please watch for the next few weeks, I will share with you some ideas that came across my lap at this wonderful, life-changing event.

Next week…how to make confetti envelopes!  Don’t miss it, it is so much fun and so cool, why didn’t I think of it????  Oh, and thanks to my friend Ann-Marie who organized and hosted this wonderful event!  Can’t wait for the next one — Woo-hoo!