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Good Ahead, Embarrass the Children

Remember when I wrote about what the weirdest thing was that I ever scrapbooked (if not, refer to the March 2010 archive)?  In it I mention embarrassing your children.  Well, I said I would write about that another time and that time has come.  When I write in my blog, I do like to write a little about scrapbooking.  But, you ask…”How is scrapbooking and embarrassing the children related?”  Oh, in so, so many ways.  Believe me, it’s not your intention to upset them, but it will.  Don’t hold back on taking those cute little naked pictures of them as babies having their bath-time.  I have a photo of my daughter sitting on her “potty” complete with plastic necklace, floppy hat and Dr. Seuss (of course, what good potty training moment is done without the jewels and hat?).  My husband keeps that in a frame on his desk.  I guess it reminds him that she HAS taken after him at least a little (the reading on the toilet part, not wearing the jewelry).  But, I’m not here to embarrass my husband, just my kid.  By the way, I plan on using that one at her engagement party when the time comes.  My point is, snap away no matter how embarrassing it will be later in life.  My mother has a photo of me in the middle of summer wearing a bathing suit and white go-go boots (insert Cringe here).  I wanted to die when I brought my then-boyfriend home for the first time and my mom thought it appropriate to pull that one out.  Years later, I appreciate that photograph.  It told a little of who I was (not too different from now, I might add).  So, don’t worry and don’t miss a moment.  They’ll love you for it…well, one day anyway.


Do You Need Scrapbook Therapy?

Oh, it’s just so darn overwhelming.  Sometimes, I find myself breathing into a paper bag because of the stress of it all.  Oh please, I just want to scrap the way I want.  I LOVE all those beautiful layouts I see other people do.  I mean, they are so artistic; they should be hanging in The Metropolitan Museum of Art, right next to Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”.  I am here to set the record straight.  You CAN scrap the way you want to.  Let me set a scene for you (tell me if this sounds familiar):  You and your friend attend a crop night in the basement of a local church.   It’s so great to get away from your busy life for a few hours; you’ve been looking forward to this all week.  You’ve got your paper, your scissors, some stickers and a couple of die cuts that you made using another friend’s Silhouette machine (we basic scrappers LOVE die-cuts).  You are in the groove, getting those photos into your album.  “Wow,” you say to yourself, “now I’m only 5 years behind, good for me.”  Until you notice the woman sitting next to you has just created a work of art…literally.  You feel like a fool, so you quickly throw your pages into your tote.  If they see your layout, it’ll be like a scene from “Mean Girls”.  Or so you think, but you couldn’t be more wrong.

First of all, let me reassure you that the wonderful thing about the “art” of scrapbooking is there are absolutely NO rules (except, of course, always scrap with acid free EVERYTHING, but you already know that) and second of all, there is harmony & respect amongst the group.  In the 15+ years of my scrapbooking experience, I’ve never met another scrapbook artist who mockingly looked down on my work.  We’re all artists in our own way.  So rock on, Van Gogh, rock on.  Please stay on goal and hold your head high.  By the way, I love your basic supplies.  They are so retro and retro is totally chic!

Happy 4th of July!

4th of July is right around the corner…do you have the supplies necessary to complete your Independence Day layouts once the holiday is over and your photos have been printed?  If you’re like me, I ALWAYS wait until I’m running out the door to a crop before I realize I don’t have what I need to complete what I want to get accomplished.  So, I usually make a quick pit-stop at Michael’s.  I inevitably spend too much money because I’m in a rush (what else is new?) and then over-purchase because I’m in a rush (did I say that already?). Once I’m in my chair and have supplies, photos and album ready to go, I have an entirely new problem…what products should I use?  Then I fret, hem and haw over who, what, where and when.  After about an hour of purely wasted time, I decide to not even DO what I wanted to do.  AGGHHHHH!  It’s a vicious circle!  Here are some words of advice that I have not only taken to preach, but also practice after too-many-to-count moments of “purely wasted time.”  It’s quite the epiphany:  be organized.  It’s as simple as that.  Sit yourself in front of the TV with a pile of photographs that have already been organized by date and event, and then decide what you need.  If you are at least a little organized with your supplies, go through them and see what’s missing.  Jot down a list and visit an online scrapbooking store that offers low shipping fees ( is a great site and right now they are offering $5.99 shipping on every order – sorry, shameless plug). The next time you’re rushing out the door to scrapbook, you will have all you need beforehand.  What a great feeling.  Oh, and enjoy your holiday.  Don’t stand too close to the fireworks!