Waste Not, Want Not — How To Cram Those Photos Into a Layout!

Two things I am notorious for when it comes to scrapbooking:  1) Fitting as many pictures on a page as I can get away with and 2) Journaling everything!  Today I am going to talk about getting those photos crammed into a layout.  You’ll have to stay tuned for the journaling tips.

First, let me start off by saying that I love all those beautifully creative layouts with one or two pictures on them.  In fact, I have single-picture-per-page envy because I wish I could do that.  But I can’t.

Why?  For starters, it’s a waste (of time, of pages, of embellishments…) for me.  But the main reason is because I have a million pictures accumulating in a clear plastic bin that need to find a permanent home — and fast!

The infamous "plastic bin"

I need to get them out of this bin ASAP and making one-picture spreads just doesn’t work for me.  I know you’re out there nodding in agreement, who are in the same position I am in, right?  I think what I’m getting at here is go ahead and cram ‘em in.  Well, not too much.  Then it just looks sloppy.  But I’ve been known to put a dozen or more pictures on a 2-page spread.  There are many ways you can do that.  Collage, tiled, overlapping, silhouetting and clustering are some and I’m going to show you an example of each!  These samples are easy and fast.  Remember, the point is to get your photos out of a box and into a layout as quickly as possible.

So, what have you learned from this?  Waste Not, Want Not!  That’s MY motto, why shouldn’t it be YOURS?

Collage Double Layout – Use several photographs and crop them to fit in close proximity of each other.  Notice the open space for journaling.  This use of space allows for several photos without looking crowded.












Tile #1 – These photos have been cropped to be the same size.  This makes your layout look tidy.

Tile #2 – Again, these photos have been cropped to the same size, but they are anchored on one mat.

Overlapping, Silhouetting and Clustering

Be cautious when you overlap, it can look messy if not carefully thought out.  Here I have used 3 photos which allowed more room for others.

The most time-consuming of all techniques, silhouetting, is fun and allows for many photos to fit on a page.  There is one rule to silhouetting – make sure you anchor your subject on the page without it looking like a half body is floating in thin air.

Clustering is a super fast, super easy and super way to accommodate a whole bunch of pictures on a layout!  The example here shows photos cropped in a circle, but you can use the same technique using any shape you wish.  The idea is to cluster them closely together.  Why?  To save space of course!

Another example of silhouetting– Just remember the rule:  Anchor your subject somewhere on the page so that it doesn’t look like body parts are missing.

Silhouetting in the middle of the page is acceptable as long as you have the entire subject in the photo and nothing is cut off. This is when it's okay to float a silhouette.

Several photos are silhouetted on this layout to create a "collage." Notice how they are anchored onto the bottom of the page and each other so no one is "floating."

Bad example of silhouetting - notice the head is chopped off but isn't anchored. The hat sticker is a bad attempt to correct the problem.


About scrapbookeasy

Thank you for visiting my blog! Here's a little about me: I am now a stay-at-home mom courtesy of a little epidemic called "A Bad Economy." It was quite a blessing in disguise because all this new-found free time gave me the opportunity to start an online scrapbooking supply business (you can find us at www.TheScrapbookPeople.com. We are geared toward the busy scrapper and offer easy to use products and kits -- sorry, shameless plug). Scrapbooking is a craft I found, jumped into and became an addict of almost 20 years ago. I love history, so what better way to preserve my own history through this wonderful craft, right? I love to share new things that I learned, discovered or think about with everyone so enjoy!

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