Peek-A-Boo Titles for Scrapbook Layouts

Ever have a million photographs for one event?  Ever wonder how you are going to get those million photographs into your scrapbook without having to worry about titling each page?  Well, here is an easy and quick way to accomplish that.  I’ve been literally doing this technique for YEARS and have saved a ton of time!


  1. Lay down your title (along the top, bottom or side edges of a double layout)
  2. Measure out the width of your title
  3. Take the page(s) that will be between your layout and measure and mark where you will cut it down so that the title will show through
  4. Trim your page with a paper trimmer
  5. Insert the page into the page protector

When you flip the page, you will be able to see your title through the page protector.  It’s so fast and easy and is a fabulous time-saver!


About scrapbookeasy

Thank you for visiting my blog! Here's a little about me: I am now a stay-at-home mom courtesy of a little epidemic called "A Bad Economy." It was quite a blessing in disguise because all this new-found free time gave me the opportunity to start an online scrapbooking supply business (you can find us at We are geared toward the busy scrapper and offer easy to use products and kits -- sorry, shameless plug). Scrapbooking is a craft I found, jumped into and became an addict of almost 20 years ago. I love history, so what better way to preserve my own history through this wonderful craft, right? I love to share new things that I learned, discovered or think about with everyone so enjoy!

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