Easy Scrapbook Layouts for Thanksgiving Part I

Need I remind you that Thanksgiving is right around the corner?  You better get going!  Like Halloween, it is a high volume picture taking day.  The thing about Thanksgiving is that we always wind up taking the same photographs and too many of them…pictures of the table, the food, the kids, the guests.  To make life easier on yourself, choose only the pictures you really would like to keep.  File the remainder in a photo safe box for future viewing.

I’ve put together some quick and easy layout ideas that you can use.  Get them ready so when Thanksgiving is a thing of the past and Christmas is lining up, you can get them in your scrapbook really fast.  Make it one less thing you need to stress about during this busy, busy time of year!  By the way, have a Happy Thanksgiving!  Take the time to BE thankful and scrap those things that MAKE you thankful, like your children, close friends and family.

Thanksgiving Leaves










The photos on this layout can be “laid out” many different ways.

  1. Choose 1 or 2 of your fave photos from Thanksgiving and place them centered on the mat.
  2. Cut 3 photos down to 3″x 4″ and place immediately next to eachother
  3. Make a collage of several different photographs in different sizes
  4. Double rows of 3″x2.5″ photos

This layout was used with leftover scraps of paper and stickers.  The background is a 12″x12″ piece of brown cardstock.  Use the open space on the bottom for your journaling.

The Thanksgiving Table










If you are like me, you have a terrible habit of taking pictures of the set table.  Why not scrapbook them?  What a great way to look back and remember how you did the table from the year before.  In the space for journaling, jot down the names of the guests in attendance, anything different you may have served and special memories.

Thanksgiving Collage







Do you love the Thanksgiving Day shots you took and want to use nearly all of them?  Make a double layout collage.  This alleviates the need for multiple pages of this wonderful holiday.  I’ve done this on 8″x8″ pages.

Stop by next week for more Thanksgiving layout ideas.  In the meantime, enjoy!


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