So, You Want To Be a Scrapbooker

You’re thinking about starting up a new hobby some call scrapbooking and some might call, oh I don’t know… hook, line and sinker?  Did you wake up one day and decide after seeing your best friend’s albums, “hey, I think I want to do that?”  So, your next step, you think, is to walk through the scrapbook isle of your local craft store.  Tell me, how did you feel?  Confused with a side of overwhelmed?  Did you leave feeling like maybe you have lost your mind?  Don’t get frustrated, you can start your scrapbooking hobby quite easily WITHOUT all the “stuff” and you don’t necessarily need to break the bank.  Some simple supplies and simple ideas are all you need.

First things first…get organized.  It’s very important to be and stay organized.  Sit yourself down in front of an episode of “Gray’s Anatomy” and go through all of your photos.  Make sure you get yourself a couple of good photo storage boxes.  In one box, you might want to store doubles and any photos you don’t want to throw away but don’t feel need to be archived.  In the other box, separate them by year, holiday, event, child, etc.  Whatever works for you.

Now that you’re nice and organized, you will need the following list of supplies to get started (acid-free is the way to be, it’ll make your photos feel so… free?  Sorry, I never claimed to be a poet):

  1. Photo album
  2. Scissors
  3. Adhesives
  4. Paper trimmer
  5. Paper
  6. Journaling pens
  7. Stickers or die cuts for decorating (optional)

Remember, there are no rules, but here are some tips to get started:  have a focal point (i.e. close-up photo of your adorable toddler).  Add interest by placing this photo off-centered or at an angle, just make sure it is pleasing to the eye.  You can also mat this photo.  Choose a color in your photograph and use the same color paper for a mat.  Check out our 50+ list of ideas to “Scrapbook Easy” at

Now your photographs are down, that’s great!  The next step is to journal a little.  You don’t have to be Ernest Hemingway.  The important thing is that you jot down the subject and date.  Maybe even event, if there is one.  Do you write like a 5 year-old?  Use the printer as a journaling tool; just use acid-free paper.

Not very creative?  That’s ok; your layout can be very simple.  We at only show you the nice and easy.  But if you like all those frou-frou pages, the internet is a great place to borrow an idea.  You can also find some video’s on the subject of layout creativity.

Now, stand back and gaze at the work you have done.  It’s your piece of art and you love it!  Congratulations, you are now addicted.  Do they have an OSA (Over-Scrapbooking-Anonymous) meeting you can attend?  Nope, sorry, you’re stuck!


About scrapbookeasy

Thank you for visiting my blog! Here's a little about me: I am now a stay-at-home mom courtesy of a little epidemic called "A Bad Economy." It was quite a blessing in disguise because all this new-found free time gave me the opportunity to start an online scrapbooking supply business (you can find us at We are geared toward the busy scrapper and offer easy to use products and kits -- sorry, shameless plug). Scrapbooking is a craft I found, jumped into and became an addict of almost 20 years ago. I love history, so what better way to preserve my own history through this wonderful craft, right? I love to share new things that I learned, discovered or think about with everyone so enjoy!

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